samedi 13 juillet 2013 news that matter TO YOU

Regular content retrieval system present you:

  • websites with news that matter (regular feedreaders)
  • users with news that matter (social networks)
  • topics with news that matter (curating platforms)

Instead, feedafever presents you news that matter, period. No middleman. Or, better said, the middleman is the software itself (bayesian filters, I guess). This is still compatible with a third party filtering upstream (e.g.: select google+ as an upstream source and let feedafever decide which of its multiples news you are interested into based on your previous choices)

In other word, whereas the competition is either site-centric, publisher-centric or topic-centric, feedafever is data-centric.

Mental health and rebound effect

Beware though: contrary to what the website promises, less noise doesn't mean less unread items. It just mean less noise. This is called the Rebound effect: improvement in efficiency is offset by spending even more, ultimately missing the point of improving efficiency in the first place (for feeds, the goal is not that much to have more interesting news, it is to be able to read them all).

The point is: feedafever won't replace common sense. It will just help you make best use of your common sense.

It would be worth a try if it was using a freemium model. Unfortunately, you have to pay from day one. That will probably prevent me from ever trying it. Too bad.

Thanks to Arnaud Bourget for the link.

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